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Congratulations to “The Drs Liz and Lindsay” for a fun-filled open house and fall festival held on a beautiful November Saturday afternoon in South San Diego! 


Dr. Liz Zamudio and Dr. Lindsay Donaldson own Donaldson and Zamudio Chiropractic located at 6051 Business Center Ct. #7, San Diego, CA  92154.  They specialize in infant, child & pregnancy care for overall health & wellness within families. Visit them at


The Drs Liz and Lindsay thank Elsie and Kevin Nash of Payroll Vault, for being a trusted payroll and business resource for their growing family practice.



Payroll Vault’s main focus is on serving and participating in their local communities. As a matter of fact, Dr. Liz went to Bonita Vista High School with Kelly Nash, one of the three Nash kids. Now, that’s truly serving your local community!