Collaboration with Payroll Vault 


We talk about collaborating and referral relationships frequently, but we rarely touch on the importance of collaboration between your payroll specialist and you. This is one of the most valuable relationships in your business life.


Payroll Vault’s client retention and satisfaction are very important to us. We work conscientiously to keep our finger on the pulse of what is changing in your company so we can better identify solutions that will help you recurrently improve your operational efficiency.

As your company scales, we are happy to partner with you to always ensure that you have the solutions you need. Here are a few ways to work closely with us to guarantee your best interests are being tended to on a regular basis. 


Business Growth


As you begin adding employees, keep us up to speed with your projected workforce growth. There are many HR and timekeeping solutions that are available that will enhance your workforce management strategies while allowing you to effectively manage your bottom line seamlessly. 

Talent Acquisition


Unemployment is at an all-time low. Regardless, it’s always important to hire quality people, and train & retain key employees. As you begin this process, we can discuss the importance of the background and drug screening process and review compliance standards with you.


This is also a great time to review your hiring packet documents, employee handbook and other pertinent documentation. 

Insurance Assurance


As you grow, feel confident in the expansion of your workforce and your responsibility to guarantee they are protected while on the job. There are workers’ compensation insurance options that will allow you to “insure” that your staff is protected at all times, your company is in compliance, and your bottom line is maintained.

An open line of communication with your dedicated payroll specialist is a proactive way to stay on top regulations that affect your company and to ensure you are operating with the highest proficiency possible. As your needs change, your best interests are looked after and protected. I’m sure you’ll agree, there’s nothing better than peace of mind!