Attendance Management Software: Benefits & Labor Cost Savings

JUL 13, 2021

As tough as the past year has been on businesses, one related effect has been the acceleration of several trends in workplace management. There have been so many advancements in business technology that it’s now possible to keep up with changes in workplace environments and employee expectations.

The common transition to flexible, hybrid, or remote work expectations has increased the need for businesses to find quality attendance management software. While relinquishing the ability to check in regularly with employees in person, finding an effective timekeeping solution is one way to ensure projects are being managed and employees are still fulfilling their duties. It also simplifies the complexities of running payroll when you don’t have a simple 9 to 5 schedule in the office. Let’s break down some of the biggest reasons business owners should consider updating their attendance management software.


Adapting to a New Era


Payroll professionals and business owners have been hard at work to navigate various relief programs and legislation over the past year, but preparing for the coming age of remote work is paramount. Several major corporations told The Washington Post they plan to move to a hybrid model involving at least a couple of days of remote work each week. One of the highest priorities for those corporations, and the countless small businesses trying to position themselves for the future, will be to find the right technology to run payroll for workers who aren’t punching a clock in the office.


Attendance management software is one way businesses can approach the new era of flexible work with confidence that operations will continue running smoothly. But beyond that confidence, there are other benefits to adapting. 

Maintaining Productivity


One of the worries many business owners might have about moving into a remote or flexible work environment would be a loss in productivity. Project and workforce management depends on leaders effectively gauging the progress their employees are making on certain tasks. That means that having an idea of the hours employees are putting in is especially important when they aren’t visible in the office.



There are plenty of attendance management options that not only allow you to know how long employees are working but also where project statuses stand, which can be useful both for the business and employees.

Efficiency for Employers and Employees


Timekeeping solutions are mutually beneficial for a business and its staff. While many studies show that productivity in a remote setting is generally unchanged, there is data showing that remote employees are working less efficiently — putting in longer hours to maintain that same productivity.


Payroll, at its core, is paying your employees for the work they’ve done. And while attendance management software can ensure their work is properly compensated, it can also help businesses identify any issues of lost efficiency and work with their employees to shorten those hours, saving money in the process. 


Cost-Effective Systems


It is important for businesses to be nimble and to streamline as many processes as possible. Payroll is one that can be complex and costly if not run correctly. The new age of remote work and flexible schedules may frighten business owners and executives, particularly when it comes to navigating various laws that could result from the changing labor landscape.


This kind of software can help businesses pinpoint irregularities in employee hours such as time theft or legitimate work hours that fall into that category of inefficiency. These systems can also aid in avoiding any penalties or payroll errors which saves costs in the long run. 

Work with Payroll Vault


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